2019 Master Class:

Entrepreneurial Mindset in HE

This half day Master Class will introduce you to the concept of the entrepreneurial mindset. Discover how to develop your entrepreneurial mindset, create opportunities and turn your ideas into action. A particular focus will help to define the role of risk-taking in Higher Education. Workshop information

Entrepreneurial Mindset Network

Paul is the founding Director of the Entrepreneurial Mindset Network Limited. The Network supports individuals, team leaders and organisations to benefit from the entrepreneurial mindset. Information is available at www.emindset.network

ACERE Conference

2017 Melbourne

Prof Paul Coyle Entrepreneurial Mindset Australia Melbourne

Universidad de Cantabria

2015 Santander

Prof Paul Coyle Entrepreneurial Mindset Spain Santander Universidad Cantabria

Federico Guitiérrez-Solana Salcedo, Director of Centro Internacional Santander Emprerendimiento.


Rui Coutinho, Senior Advisor to the President of Porto Polytechnic for entrepreneurship and communication.


Paul Coyle.


Ana Fernández-Laviada, Directora ejecutiva de GEM España.


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Six Characteristics of the Entrepreneurial Mindset

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The Power of Entrepreneurial Mindset in Higher Education Workshop at the 2017 UIIN annual conference, Dublin, Ireland.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset Workshop in the 2017 UIIN workshops for HE series, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset in Higher Education Paper (double blind peer reviewed) at the Australian Centre for Entrepreneurship Research Exchange (ACERE) conference, Melbourne, Australia.




Entrepreneurial Mindset Masterclass, presentation and workshop, Lancaster University, Lancaster, UK.


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Inspiring session on 'entrepreneurial

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What is the Nature of Risk in Higher Education? Workshop at Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset, on behalf of the University Industry Innovation Network, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


The Entrepreneurial Mindset - What is it, why would we want it and how do we get it? Presentation at The University of Adelaide, Australia.


Leading the Way and Using Resources Smartly Presentation at "Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset", London, UK.




The Entrepreneurial University - Context, Organisation and Mindset Workshop at the "International Meeting of Experts in Entrepreneurship" at Universidad de Cantabria, Santander, Spain.


HEInnovate and the entrepreneurial mindset Workshop at Birmingham City University, UK.


The entrepreneurial mindset in practice Presentation at "Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset", Copenhagen, Denmark.


Individual, organisational and national entrepreneurial attributes 3 presentations/workshops at "Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset" Copenhagen, Denmark.


Developing the Entrepreneurial Mindset Workshop at the University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN) conference, Berlin, Germany.


Entrepreneurial Action - Managing Risk Presentation and workshop at the '7th Annual Chancellor's Faculty Entrepreneurship Bootcamp', University of North Carolina, USA.